Windows: A Powerful and Underappreciated Design Element

Window glass had its first uses in the days of ancient Greece and Egypt. The technology continued to advance to the point where windows became the main feature on the face of cathedrals and palaces. As techniques improved glass became more and more common. People who know how to use glass and light realize the power of windows and how they can define a space, and even a whole building.

  • Stained Glass: Stained glass always reminds of historical times, there is so much associated with stained glass and historical building that one can be led to believe that this is an old technique. But then why don’t you feel the same about sculpture or painting. Stained glass is underutilized, and people are usually amazed at how it defines a space. There are many stained-glass artists today. You can even order stained glass in Sydney from a specialist glazier. You can have windows made to order, and you can even get older windows repaired. If you want to have some feature windows that stand out, Stained glass is an excellent way to make that happen.
  • Glass Blocks: Glass block is another underutilized design element that always makes an impression. Usually, glass blocks are 20 x 20 centimetres by about 10 cm thick. But there are other shapes and sizes available. The interesting thing about glass blocks is that they are a structural element on their own, you can build walls out of them. But there is more, their shape makes them a very sculptural element, so you can make curved walls and patterns of light that zigzags through a concrete wall. They have been used to great effect in bathrooms making interesting shower enclosures and they can even be made into stairs.
  • Windows as Walls: Sometimes windows don’t need to be in a wall, sometimes they look better when they are the wall. Floor to ceiling windows never fails to impress, especially when the ceiling is high. Sometimes people feel that this gives too much of a commercial look, but it is only because the rest of the room is not managed in a way to bring out the luxury. In a scenic location, like a home overlooking a valley. A living room with a corner less floor to ceiling window is a dramatic effect that cannot be matched by any other material.

If you’re considering new construction or a renovation, consider what can be done with glass. There are so many creative ways to utilize this eco-friendly and long-lasting material.

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