What to check while buying a house

Purchasing an apartment is a mixture of different emotions. We feel happy to be the owner of a new property and also worry about expenses, legal issues, paperwork, etc. It takes years to save enough money to spend on our dream home. So, we have to ensure that the house is worth the cost. Although there are a bunch of things to consider, we will discuss the main points here.  


Do you notice that the cost of similar property differs a lot from place to place? It’s because the location plays a huge role in determining the lifestyle and facilities. Flats closer to shopping malls, grocery stores, big roads, popular schools, and colleges are always in demand. Since big cities offer more employment options, urban houses are more expensive than in rural areas. If you’re on a budget, explore other options. Choose the place wisely because you can’t change it later. 


Most people dream to live in a lavish mansion equipped with modern technologies and luxurious decorations. Once you set your eyes on those houses, it’s hard to be happy with what you can afford. So, be realistic about what type of house you can buy with your savings. Some real estate sellers might ask for higher than the actual home value. You can discuss this matter with your real estate agent to estimate the fair range. 

Roof Condition

Roof inspection is mandatory because it protects the interiors from rain, snow, UVA, wind, storm etc. Zero to minor damages are not a big deal as you can fix them quickly. However, multiple leaks, weak construction, severe water damage, noticeable dents, large cracks and other major issues are big red flags. Too old constructions are of no use either. Feel free to hire an expert to check the current root condition, materials, and craftsmanship. 


Ask yourself the following questions before visiting a house: What styles do you like? What are your favourite colour schemes? Are you looking for a one-floor, duplex or multi-floor building? Do you prefer open or closed floor plans? Are you fond of high-maintenance decorations or not? How big each room should be? Then, choose a suitable style, which will meet your requirements and search accordingly.

Storage space

People generally select the home size according to the number of family members, furniture, decoration items, daily commodities, properties etc. Still, many homeowners have to rent storage units because their house lacks sufficient storage space. On the other hand, a wisely-designed small area can hold more items than a large room. So, you should prioritize flats with built-in cabinets, cupboards, shelves, closets and other storage units. 


A lot of buyers get impressed by the interior so much that they forget to check the exterior properly. Don’t be one of them because you’re paying for the whole area. Take a good look at the foundations, drywall, stairs, porches, downspouts, gates, patios, etc. Are there too many cracks? Do they look brittle or fragile? Are they out of shape? Do you have to spend a fortune to repair them? Keep these considerations in mind while bargaining about the price. 


Too much noise can hamper our sleep, study, work and other daily activities. It can also lead to hearing problems as well. Hence, we must pick a nice environment with an ideal sound level to move in. Properties next to crowded parks, busy streets, railroad tracks, elementary schools, and nightclubs are usually louder than others. Another factor that you have to consider is how noisy the neighborhoods are. We strongly suggest picking houses in a quiet area if you prefer a calm living atmosphere. 

Property searches

Buyers’ solicitors or conveyancer usually takes care of this step on their behalf. He carries out authority checks, environmental, drainage and other important searches that can adversely impact a building. It generally takes up to a few weeks, depending on the property size. If you’re a newbie, opt for a top-rated certified professional to make your First Time Buyer conveyancing experience a bliss. There are plenty of websites where we can compare quotes for free. 

HVAC systems

HVAC systems maintain the ideal air quality, temperature level, pressure and humidity of a home. Different owners might prefer different heating, cooling and ventilation units. If a house doesn’t include your preferred systems, it might be a good fit for you. Besides, the units’ age, lifespan, maintenance records, technologies, and energy efficiency should be on your checklist. Too old furnaces, heaters, air conditioners, and humidifiers consume lots of resources and increase utility bills.

Home amenities

A house seems incomplete without perfect fittings and appliances. Its kitchen must cover basic systems such as refrigerator, quality faucets, dishwasher, coffee machine, toaster, microwave oven etc. Similarly, the bathroom’s water faucets, toilets, flush systems, and countertops should be functional. Then, check the safety features, including fire alarms, smoke detectors, exhaust fans, security locks, etc. Last but not the least, examine natural and artificial lighting systems properly. 

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