What Automated Features Can Commercial Buildings Have?

Technology is forever improving our lives and making everything much easier, more convenient, and more accessible. Automation is something we’re hearing a lot of these days; it’s designed to reduce the time we need to spend completing mundane tasks. Commercial buildings, in particular, are benefiting enormously from automation. Let’s take a look in more detail and discuss what automated features you might find in modern commercial buildings.

Electric Windows

Windows are an important feature of any commercial space. They’re not just there for aesthetic purposes, they also play an important functional role and are integral to climate control and building security. With electric window openers, the windows on a commercial building can be fully automated and programmed to open or close based on a range of different triggers. They can be set to respond to the time of day, opening in the morning or closing at night, or even to the weather, closing when they detect rain or cold air.

With automated windows, the owners of commercial buildings can be confident in the fact that no windows will be accidentally left open, which can cause a safety and security risk.

Lighting Systems

Commercial spaces, whether they are storefronts or workshops, need to be well-illuminated whenever they are in use. This is so staff can work safely and see what they’re doing, and so customers can browse shelves and products.

However, lighting a commercial building can use a lot of energy, which can eat into profit margins and is harmful to the environment. By automating lighting systems, commercial building owners can ensure lighting is only in use when it needs to be. For example, lights could be set to come on based on the time of day, or when they detect movement.

Automated lighting can see you make big savings on your energy bills and will ensure your commercial building is sustainable as we head towards a greener future.


Commercial buildings are often used to store valuable equipment or large sums of cash. As a result, they are commonly targeted by criminals and burglars, particularly because they are also often unmanned at night.

As the owner of a commercial space, keeping your building safe and secure should be your number one priority. It can be all too easy to forget to lock the door when you leave for the day, and unfortunately, this can leave your building vulnerable to criminal targeting.

Automated locks can be programmed to lock after a certain time, ensuring you will never accidentally leave the door open. What’s more, locks that utilise smart technology can be operated remotely, and can even be operated using biometric data such as fingerprints, voice identification, or retinal scanning.


Automation is the future, and we’re seeing the technology increasingly integrated into our everyday lives. When it comes to commercial buildings, you are likely to see automated electric windows, lighting systems, and locks, as these can offer a range of incredible benefits and make it easier than ever to manage and operate a commercial space.

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