Scandinavian Interior: 3 Tips on Choosing Window Treatments

The Scandinavian interior is known for its unique Hygge philosophy, simplicity, and functional solutions. Still, one of the main challenges here is finding window treatments that would meet minimalist style and smart design expectations. Interior designers reveal 3 tips that might help you complete the Scandi home vision.

1) Seek Functionality

Scandinavians prefer simplicity over a fancy home. Therefore, helpful over decorative functions. The same applies while choosing the right window treatments. Of course, style is essential, but not more than practical aspects. When it comes to window treatments, many minimalist-style fans opt for modern outdoor roller blinds. And there are plenty of reasons to choose the outdoor-mounted products. Professionals offer:

  • Made-to-measure products
  • Automated mechanisms
  • Possibility of remote control
  • Minimalist design options
  • Wide range of colours
  • UV protective materials
  • Etc.

By the way, Scandinavians are often praised for smoothly integrating resource-saving solutions into their daily lives. Seems like outdoor blinds with an innovative ZIIIP system might be one more thing to complement the list of smart, energy-saving inventions.

2) Go for Minimalist Design

Choosing design, remember the minimalist rule – less is more. Meaning, opt for clear lines, light-textured, high-quality products. Ideally, made from natural and practical materials. It shouldn’t be a statement piece or an accent, more a harmonious part of the whole picture. Actually, that’s one more reason to check out the external window treatments.

3) Introduce Bright Colours

Regarding the colour palette, keep in mind that it will affect how your home looks and feels. To be more precise, Nordic interiors focus on neutral, pastel tones for a reason. Clutter-free and bright space is ideal for both – rest and focus. Now, knowing this fact, your window treatment choice must be well-thought-out. If you want to keep the environment not only cosy but also productive, concentrate on bright shades.

Take your interior experiments a step further and deepen into the rich philosophy behind the Scandi style. Then you’ll get to see the link between the discussed steps and interior designers’ recommendations in general. Coming back to windows, get serious about treating the main light sources right.

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