How Often Should You Clean Your House’s Siding?

It’s a lovely spring day and you are outside watering your garden. You see a bird fly by near your house’s siding and you notice that there are black and green patches on it. You cringe realizing that it has been more than a year since the last power washing of your house’s siding.

Homeowners that have either composite, vinyl, or metal sides on their homes should plan to clean it at least once a year if not at least two to three times per year. Keeping your siding clean increases the market value of your house. Cleaning siding often reassures that the mold does not build up over time or leave a stain from its presence.

Wood siding should only receive gentle pressure washes. However, if you see extensive mold build-up on your wood siding, opt for power washing for immediate removal.

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How to Pressure Wash Siding

Bring out your pressure washer from your garage or rent one from your local hardware store on the day you decide to clean your siding. Pick up a quality pressure washer detergent from your local hardware store. The ingredients in the pressure washer detergent will do a better job of removing mold and other bacteria to cleanse the siding and remove staining accordingly.

First, fill up your pressure washer with the washer detergent. Go over all the sides of your house with this solution. Have a tall ladder handy in case you have to climb out and scrub out stains that are not coming out from the water’s pressure hitting the siding.

Leave the solution on your siding for at least 10 minutes so the pressure washer solution does its magic to remove built-up mold and mildew. Be sure to not let the solution dry onto the siding or it will be counterproductive in getting the job done. Rinse the siding with a gentle spray.

Tips and Tricks for Pressure Washing Your House’s Siding

Composite and wooden siding needs gentle pressure washes rather than a standard pressure wash because of its delicate materials. Vinyl can withstand regular pressure washing because it is stronger and thicker than composite and wooden siding.

Stand far enough back when rinsing, so there is not much water pressure going on to the siding. Keep the unit on the lowest setting so that it does not break the panels in the process. Too much pressure can make holes in the siding and cause molding inside the home.

For metal siding, simply hose it down with water. Opt for a non-abrasive detergent to remove stains from metal siding as needed. Refer back to your metal siding’s manufacturer-recommended paint and put a new coat on your siding at least every five to 10 years.


Cleaning your siding at least every six months is more optimal than once a year because it lessens possible mold and mildew build-up. Talk more to your local construction company if you still have questions on how to clean your specific siding each year.

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