Does The Drain Lining Method Work For Blocked Drains?

Do You Often Experience Bathroom And Flushing Leaks In The Washroom?

However, no matter if there are any flooding or leakage issues, there are solutions. One of the best methods for this is drain lining. But it is essential to know what this process is and what benefits it offers.

What Is Drain Lining?

The lining of drains, which is also commonly called Pipelining, is a method to fix the issues involved with the pipes. Though this method is not permanent, it is the most common solution that people opt for. There are multiple kinds of technology used for the lining of the drains, but the best one includes using epoxy.

The best option is pipelining, whether there are cracks in the pipe or is corrupted or stuffed with roots. However, there is also one other way which is used, Re-piping. The re-piping involves removing the old line and changing it with a new one.

What Is The Procedure Of Pipe Lining?

The pipe lining process is easy to conduct, done by specially trained professionals by Kent Drainage Company. The first step involves mapping the drainage system using a CCTV system. The camera recording inspection will allow the engineer to take a good look at the condition of the drains. After mapping the issues in the gutters, he will start cleaning the drains.

The removal of build-ups is cleaned by using jet sprays. After the cleaning process, the technicians will locate the area of the crack and will fill it up with epoxy. The final process involves the CCTV inspection, which will tell about the drainage system condition.

Why Is Pipe Lining Procedure?

Before lining drains, one first step is to identify the problem. This process is widely trusted and used by companies and homeowners. The process involves attaching new pipes and excavating new holes. The process can be time-confusing and a little expensive. Therefore, pipelining method is the best used for drainage methods. The process doesn’t need a lot of digging and is also environment-friendly. Nowadays, drain lining has become the newest and most efficient method. Pipelining protects the pipe from lead-searching, debris-cleaning, corrosion, and root intrusion.

Various pipelining methods are adopted by companies involving Ambient cured lining and heat-fixed lining. The Ambient cured lining is used for partially or fully defected defects in the lines. But the heat-cured lining method is used to cover imperfections on large diameters. Depending on the pipe’s size and shape, and condition, the process that has to be adopted is chosen. Some companies use various polymers or epoxy to cover up the cracks and holes in the pipes.

The primary cause behind blocked drains is cement, root intrusion, concrete, metal corrosion. These reasons block the gutters, which then clog the complete drainage system. Kent Drainage Company first inspects the situation and then finds the solution that will best suit the situation. However, if the engineer suggests changing the pipes after examining them, it will be the best alternative.

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