Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Skip Hire


There are a vast range of Sutton skip hire companies and several distinct skips to choose from. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to know where to begin. However, if you are disposing of your domestic waste or if you are working on a substantial commercial project, it is going to pose an impact on the kind of skip you hire.

In this blog post, we will discuss the primary difference between domestic and commercial croydon skip hire.

What Is Domestic Skip?

Domestic skips are usually small in size and are generally used for household cleaning. The cleaning may be undertaken due to the movement to a new house or renovation. The role of domestic skips is to remove heavy-duty household wastes like concrete, garden waste, or plywood.

What Is Commercial Skip?

The commercial skips are large than the domestic skip, mostly 8-16 cubic yards. They are most commonly used in construction sites, demolition projects, or dismantling things. The commercial skips allow keeping the business space neat and organized. Thus, it makes the whole environment free from pollution.

Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Skip

The fundamental differences between domestic and commercial skips are as follows:

·       Size

The size of the skip hire is directly proportional to the type of waste you want to remove. If we talk of domestic skip hire, it eliminates the waste of generally small size. On the other hand, the commercial skip hire eliminates the wastage in large quantities. It is advisable to choose the right skip for the first time to avoid unnecessary and inconvenient costs.

·       Cost

The cost of Croydon skip hire depends on the size of the skip. You may have several options where you can avail yourself of the cheaper alternatives. Moreover, the cost of the skip hire depends on the volume of the work. Therefore, the cost of domestic skip hire is comparatively less than the commercial skip due to the size and mass of the waste.

·       Uses

The domestic skip is used to remove the household wastes, while the commercial skips are responsible for removing large quantities of skips available around the business site. You can use the domestic skips to dispose of the materials like wood, plastic, or concrete accumulated from any DIY project. On the other hand, the commercial Sutton skip hire is conveniently chosen to get rid of clearing old stock, replacing old furniture, or any shop refits.

·       Licenses

When you are hiring any skip hire for domestic purposes, you don’t require any licensing or permission from the government authority. However, you may need a license or permit if you are hiring a skip for a large commercial project. Therefore, the legal terms also differ for both types of skips.

Which Type Of Skip Do Do You Require?

Now, it is entirely your choice to hire the kind of skip. But, it is necessary to spot the difference between the two. Otherwise, you will end up losing your time, money, and effort.

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