AquaVelis Water Park Spain

The Aqua Velis water park is a must-visit for any family. Water playgrounds are becoming more and more popular among children and adults. The water park draws visitors that travel great distances to stay in this area. With 21 different rides, including a paddling pool for young children, incredibly fast slides, soft foam slides, and dinghy river tours, this water park is one of the biggest and splashiest in the area.

Numerous water parks offer unique activities, swimming classes, and out-of-water events, ideal ways to enjoy the long summer days. Below are some suggestions for having fun at AquaVelis Water Park.

Go for More than the Slides

Water parks frequently provide swim lessons and the opportunity for youngsters to join a swim team. They also have very entertaining slides, lazy rivers, and splash pads. While offering a fun-filled day, your neighbourhood water park may also help youngsters learn essential swimming techniques by offering summer classes. Make sure you utilise all the additional classes Aqua Velis offers.

Wear the Right Outfit

 The only clothing permitted in the water is lined swimwear. Every park has rules, although most forbid swimmers from wearing sports bras, shorts, basketball shorts, or any clothes with zippers or buttons. When entering the pool, wear a cover-up; only bathing suits are permitted once in the water.

Be Safety Conscious

Keep in mind to follow all the regulations for the best park experience. Keep in mind any height limitations imposed for particular attractions, refrain from running or walking too close to the swimming areas, and do not bring any breakable glass items into the water park where many families barefoot stroll.

Visit the park

If you have plans to look for properties for sale in Spain, this park in southern Spain is well worth a visit, it is an Eldorado for children, for people looking for Properties for Sale in Torre del Mar and/or own a property in this region, the park is located in the Malaga region Costa del Sol is a short distance from Malaga airport.

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