A Guide to Designing and Building a Made to Measure Staircase

We often think of a staircase as an immoveable part of the structure, yet a qualified joiner can design and build a staircase to the client’s specifications. You might prefer something intricate, with carved posts and elaborate designs, or perhaps a modern looking staircase with a seamless glass balustrade, and both are possible when you talk to a master joiner.

  • The Design Stage – There are affordable staircase manufacturers in Bodmin, for example, who would pay you a home visit, and once a design is agreed upon, the joiner would begin to take precise measurements that will allow for the staircase to be built off-site and assembled in sections. A circular staircase is not out of the question, and depending on the layout, the joiner would offer a few design options that best meet your needs.
  • The Build – Rather than causing the house occupants a lot of inconvenience, the new staircase would be built in the joiner’s workshop, and once all of the sections are complete, they would arrange an installation date and the old staircase would be dismantled.
  • Installation – Obviously the room would have to be cleared of furniture, then the old staircase would be taken down, piece by piece, and once that has been removed, the new sections would be fitted. It might take a couple of days to finish the project, with perhaps another day for staining and varnishing, then the finished product would be ready for the customer inspection.

If you would like to transform your home by replacing the staircase, an online search using a business directory would put you in touch with the right joinery company.

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